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torsdag den 26. marts 2009

An exclusive Facebook group

A closed group for people with experience of prostitution, who want to connect with like minded people within a cyber-network.

 The goal is to create a space, in which you can feel safe to think or speak loudly, about one's preoccupation - without fearing someone's disrespect or lack of understanding. To receive recognition, break out of isolation or silence and to not feel so alone. Or wrong.

The group is here to help and support. There will also be room for people who are sympathetic; people who don't have direct experience of prostitution, but who have capacity to meet people with prostitution experience, without prejudices, taboos or the need for sensationalisation.

Some people will choose to join under a pseudonym, in order to be in the group - and I kindly ask everybody to empathise and have an open heart towards each other.


The group is secret, which means that you have to be invited to join. That means it will take a long time for the group to grow, but right now I think it is best with calmness around its members. 

From now on, I will be the administrator of the group and I would like others to join.

Are you interested in ay way then contact me at Facebook or at kontakt@odilepoulsen.dk.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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